Operations Manager (Email)
stephen.yourstepstocollege (Skype)


Stephen teaches the Reading, Writing, and English portions of the SAT and ACT exams.

has worked as a technical writer, trainer, analyst, and product and project manager for companies including Silicon Graphics and Kensington Microware.  He was also a contributing columnist for CareerSource Magazine and has published both fiction and nonfiction stories and articles.   Before joining Your Steps To College full-time, he worked as a mutual fund fee analyst for Wachovia's Retirement Services division. 

Stephen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Strayer University and oversees our day-to-day business and accounting operations. 


Program Director (Email)
robin.yourstepstocollege (Skype)

Robin teaches all SAT and ACT subjects.

Robin was a Princeton Admissions Officer, recruiting and reading applications from Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Northern California.  Following this, she  taught SAT Verbal and Math and all ACT subjects for companies including The Princeton Review, The Buddy System, and A.C.E.S. (Academic Consulting Educational Services).

Robin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Princeton University and handles client relations.


Program Adminstrator (Email)

glynnis.yourstepstocollege (Skype)


Glynnis manages our schedule and online records.

Glynnis worked as an assistant in the University of Connecticut Admissions Office. She was a member of the Productions and Promotions group for the Davidson Theater Department and is active in the Charlotte theater scene.

Glynnis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from Davidson College.